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Perfect Medical app

Mobile apps for doctors are revolutionising the healthcare sector, dramatically changing
the way physicians work, communicate and learn.

Our Awesome Feature

Medikare is introducing DIGITAL DOCTOR for all the Members of Medikare who want to go Digital/Online.

Bio, Qualification & Experience.

In this app you will get all information about Doctor
like his Quallification, his Experience etc...

Blog, Facebook & Twitter Feeds, Videos.

With this application you will always get in touch with social sites.

Address with Map/Direction.

With the Google Maps Lookup tool, you can quickly determine the approximate postal
address of any location on the world map.

Book/Confirm/Modify Appointments

Alert patient 15 or 30 Mins Prior to their Appointments.

Store/Save Prescriptions (as photos)

You can save Prescriptions history in our app.

Our Other Features

Send Birth Day & Seasonal Greetings to build relationship.

Get a DEDICATED Personal Website & Mobile Application for your Practice for Just Rs.25,000/-

Types of apps for doctors

Medikare is a Smartphone Application which will help people to find nearest Doctors, Hospitals, Pathology Labs & Pharmacies etc.

Healthcare professionals such as doctors tend to have extremely busy schedules. Many have to move between different locations and generally spend a lot of time on the move, whether traveling or going from patient to patient within healthcare centers.

As a consequence, it is often a challenge for them to organize and keep track of all their appointments and meetings, particularly if these are modified during the long periods when they are away from their desks.

Thankfully, apps can offer a solution to this problem. An app can allow healthcare professionals to view information about their appointments, and include any other relevant information such as participating doctors and medical history of the patient.

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are digital records of patient health information, from medical history and prescriptions to x-ray and scan results. Currently, doctors normally access them online at their offices.

However, apps that allow access to patient EHRs would be extremely convenient for doctors who are often on the move.

An EHR app could allow doctors not only to find records, but also to introduce new information directly into the app, which would automatically update the central system. In this way, doctors can ensure that patient information is always up to date.

Improving communications has always been of great importance in the healthcare sector, where professionals sometimes need to be contacted urgently by colleagues or patients.

By enabling a wide range of communication channels, from text messaging and email to video conferencing, members of healthcare institutions can now be connected better than ever before.

The same applies to communication with patients. Allowing patients to instantly message doctors when a problem arises, and enabling them to include images to more accurately describe ailments, can help ensure that health support is faster and more effective than ever.

Finally, patient monitoring apps are great ways to keep track of patients who may be unable to take care of themselves.

These apps can monitor the health of patients with chronic diseases and warn doctors of emergency medical situations, so that healthcare can be provided instantly.


Benefits of apps for doctors

Better communication

Mobile apps are helping a very geographically disperse industry to better communicate and exchange valuable information. This is bringing great benefits, from facilitating urgent assistance more efficiently to allowing remote patients to communicate their health problems more accurately.

Improved accuracy

From an administrative perspective, mobile apps also aid the healthcare sector greatly. For example, apps can allow patient information to be submitted via mobile apps. This information is then stored centrally, making it easier to rectify any errors and to ensure that all doctors have the right information. It also results in more complete records that can be accessed by any professional at any time.

Increased efficiency

Overall, what mobile apps are best at is making access to information easier and as a consequence making business processes more efficient. By being able to access accurate information at any time and on an easy-to-use app, healthcare professionals can save precious time and get work done faster and more efficiently.

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